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Why People Won’t Like My Book And Why They Might Want To Consider Reading It…

I’m engaged in a discussion over in the forums of BestsellerBound about why the theme of my soon-to-be-published book will make it hard to sell.

I knew as I planned and wrote it that it would be, at the very best, a niche-book–of interest to a rather small audience.

While I certainly didn’t even attempt to write it for the “general reader”, I do hope that some small yet significant group of readers will find it valuable.

It is a story, yet the Prologue says: “…this book is a story told in ‘notes’. Even though some readers may think it is a novel or a history, its form is difficult to classify in what are called genres.”

The working blurb I have is even more indicative of Notes from An Alien being a book that won’t appeal to a wide market: Start with a 500-year InterWorld War. Continue through ecological disaster and the decimation of populations. Follow the institution of a Worlds’ government that helps bring a glimmer of hope. Discover the challenges and failures of unifying three very different Worlds. Explore what it takes to give birth to a lasting peace. This is what reading Notes from An Alien promises. And, this story could help Earth…

I often have to battle feelings of rank stupidity when I compare what I’m doing to what popular authors have mastered. Of course I only feel stupid on the days when my work to promote the book has completely worn me to a quivering frazzle…

Still, I went into this project with clear eyes about what most of the reading public wants and what I felt I had to offer them.

Let me be painfully clear:

Our world is in grave peril.

People are regularly being lied to and manipulated by the powers that be.

The powers that be have no rational solutions for the multiple, global crises humanity is suffering through. They, essentially, could care less…

Most folks who love to read just want something to help them ignore the intense pressures of daily living and escape to worlds that entertain or “safely” thrill.

I admit that those last five sentences might be either false or apply only to me but this is one of those days when my work to promote the book has completely worn me to a quivering frazzle…

I’d better bring this post to a conclusion and go for a therapeutic walk. Let me end with a few more words from the book’s Prologue, the words of Sena Quaren:

“What I say next may or may not be believed but, either way, this story is true—true as fact or true in the way fiction can rise to heights unattainable by mere facts.

“I am a woman from a star system about twelve light-years from Earth. If you choose to believe me, my story might be considered a history lesson—how to achieve unity and peace—a lesson that Earth desperately needs. If you choose to not believe I’m real, my tale might be considered a science fiction story about how to achieve unity and peace—a lesson that Earth desperately needs…”
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