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No, You can't take it back

The great thing about manuscripts is that, if you are lucky or observant enough, you can often find a mistake or three and correct or acknowledge that you have a mistake before it get's edited. I can say the same of resumes and cover letters, but employers, unfortunatley, aren't as generous in giving do-overs for every one of your mistakes.

I was employed part time by a major specialty retailer at the time and receiving unemployment after meeting the state government's qualifications. I was sending out resume's to different retail firms, high-tech firms and other places where I thought my years of retail management experience or my newly acquired marketing degree could get me. I decided to apply at a well known cookware store. I found the posting online and immediatley got excited and became caught up in the moment. I wrote down one of the best cover letters I have ever written, plus I made what HR personnel call a "targeted resume" for the job, specifying every little detail of every single quality I had within me that would make me perfect for the job. Everything was perfect in my opinion; I had even printed out the resume and cover letter for my father to proofread. After passing muster, I compiled everything together and clicked the "send" button, and within a few moments, I would be on my way.

 I don't know wether it was out of fear or anxiety, but I decided to check the job posting again. I looked at the location of where the posting was, it was for one store that was nearby. As soon as I saw the address, I scrambled to open up the Word file again to see what address I had put down.

 I was floored.

 I had put the wrong address down. Now, normally these things are fine and understandable, but not when you are job seeking and in the position of having your resume be your first impression to these employers. I was very upset with myself for not checking the posting in the first place before I had sent out the resume. I was kicking myself around because of one stupid mistake. 

 I have not heard from them at all, so I am assuming they didn't even bother to read it. It just goes to show you, proofread every single time and check all of your facts before clicking on that "Send" button.