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You Are Your Blood Type
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Alexander gives an overview of the book:

You got me.
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You got me.

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About Alexander

Welcome to Chairman Besher’s Mausoleum (1951-):

Born in China of Russian parents as a stateless person, raised and educated in Japan, Alexander Besher is a San Francisco-based author, journalist (when journalism was still journalism), and novelist. He became a U.S....

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Author's Publishing Notes

This was a crazy book to do, a gun for hire assignment from Pocket Books to extrapolate from Japan's bloodtype guru Toshitaka Nomi from mounds of data. As far as I was concerned, it was a perfect spoof on self-help books or it could be taken literally. At one point, I was doing dozens of radio talk-show interviews a day until I had to cut them off or lose my mind. It sold six million copies in Japan.