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Steve Jobs: "People Don't Read Anymore;" Jobs's disdain for the Amazon.com Kindle (Galley Cat)—What do you expect from an illiterate? No wonder I hate the Macbook Leopard OSX I recently bought after my dearly beloved iBook expired. The Macbook is SO unfriendly to word processor users, the manual sucks, and even the kindly Apple Tech Support can’t advise on basic word processing issues. Every single time I open “Pages,” I get the same warning message: “Some warnings occurred. Would you like to review them now? Don’t review. Review.” Review advises: “Font Helvetica Narrow was substituted for Helvetica.” Thanks! Now I have to look at that message forever. None of my MS Word files from the iBook open in Mac for Word even though they claim you can port them over into Pages etc. If you need the Garage Band app, I guess you're in luck, but 85% of their features I'll never be using. I’ve been with Apple since they released their first Macintosh and attended the launch party for Macworld magazine on a tugboat cruise in SF Bay. I should have thrown Steve Jobs overboard when I had the chance. BTW, did anyone hear the story on BBC about how Jobs in his hippy days was in India and came across this little iPod-type device that played only one tune, some mantra or another? That’s where he got the idea for the iPod by reverse-engineering that five-rupee device. Hare Steve, hare Steve . . .