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Happy Birthday William!

Today is Shakespeare's birthday. Happy Bard Day to you! Happy Bard Day to you! Happy Bard Day, dear William! Happy Bard Day to you! Now to be the candles or not to be the candles, that is the question. Blown out in your honor.


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Yes, but is it . . .

. . . Bacon's birthday, who may really be Shakespeare?. . . or DeVere's, the Earl of Oxford, who some are claiming was really Shakespeare . . . Or Marlowe's birthday, who was the same age of Shakespeare until he was murdered (if he really was) and some claim was certainly Shakespeare ? . . . (After he was ``murdered,'' he was spirited off to Italy where he wrote the great Italian plays, and they were sent back to England and filtered through an actor named Shakespeare.) Not that I believe any of this, and it doesn't have anything to do with a birthday anyway.

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Then again,

It was also his death day. So I always have mixed feelings a about celebrating it.

 Only an actor could have created Falstaff, Hamlett, Lear, Rosalind, Bottom...