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Saint Graziano the Good: An Indiegogo Fundraising Project

The Story

A lot can happen in three months. Just ask Graziano Buonfiglio.

It is October 2009. 28 year old Graziano Buonfiglio has been living with his parents in a Toronto suburb for almost five years. His parents have long hated him, and for years have taken a sick pleasure in bullying him. To make things worse, he is haunted by the mysterious deaths of his grandparents and boyfriend. On the night of his birthday, he tries to take his own life. The following day, his family decides to kick him out for good. Graziano then relocates to Toronto and moves in with his former English professor. 

On All Saints Day, Graziano runs into his family at a cemetery. Despite their bullying, he stands up to them. And for the first time in years, Graziano flourishes professionally and personally. As his professor provides him with much-needed stability and support, he makes new friends and reconnects with old ones, and even contemplates a modeling career. Despite his successes, the memories of his past are always with him, affecting everything in his life, including a budding romance.

As Christmas approaches, the Buonfiglios plan to get rid of him once and for all. Soon, Graziano learns the shocking truth behind the deaths of his loved ones, and when his friends are all attacked within hours of each other, Graziano fears for his life. Before it is too late, Graziano must save his friends and himself from becoming casualties, even if it results in more shocking secrets revealed. 

About Me and the Project

My name is Alex Sarmiento, and I'm a writer/student. I am originally from San Francisco, but I currently live in Fairfield, home to a giant mall and the Travis Air Force Base. 

SAINT GRAZIANO THE GOOD has been a labor of love since fall of 2009. I have long wanted to write a novel, but never got around to doing it. It wasn't until I went to Toronto for a week-long vacation that I finally got the inspiration to do so.

This is the first book that I have ever written. I have done poetry, screenwriting, and short stories, and will continue to do so in the future. Aside from posting on blogs, I am an unpublished writer.

The Money

I completed the manuscript almost two weeks ago. Since then, I have sent query letters to many agents. However, I am also considering self-publishing.   Even if I do get an agent, I can't solely rely on said agent to do everything. That's where the funds come in.

I want to raise at least $1,000. With the money, I can help get my book (and my writing career) off the ground, whether I decide to self-publish or get an agent. Either way, having this money can't hurt.

What You Get Out Of It (Aside From A Tote Bag)

Okay, there is no tote bag. In addition to the thank you gifts, you will get the satisfaction of helping me launch my career. There aren't that many Filipino-American gay men in the world of arts & entertainment, and hopefully I can be one of the few who do break through. I will honor your pledges with thank you gifts even if I do land an agent and a publisher.

As of this writing, I have received $70 through Indiegogo, and $220 from people who've followed my campaign on Kickstarter (even though that campaign went south). That gives me $290. Hopefully, I can raise more. 

Here's the link: http://igg.me/p/89410?a=509077