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LAST CALL - Final Hours (before Entry Deadline for Write Prize for poetry or fiction)
Able Muse Press writing contests

** ::: 3 DAYS TO GO ::: Entry deadline is almost here -- **

  •  $500 for winning poem, $500 for winning story!ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE (Poetry & Fiction) - $500 prize each & publication
    Blind judging by final Judges: Rachel Hadas - poetry; Alan Cheuse - fiction
    Deadline: February 15, 2011
  • Book Award for poetry manuscript -- $100 for winning manuscript plus book publication by Able Muse PressABLE MUSE BOOK AWARD (Poetry) - $1000 prize, plus book publication
    Blind judging by final Judge: Andrew Hudgins
    Deadline: March 31, 2011

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Finally, an update on the Able Muse contest:

All the major phases now will be judged anonymously, notably, the selection of material to be shortlisted for blind judging by the final judges. The Able Muse editors will perform the shortlisting from submitted material I'll anonymize for their selection. So, you can submit with the expectation that the judging process will be as fair as possible.

All applicable links are at the Able Muse homepage - www.ablemuse.com

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