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 All I'm doing here is posting one great poem every day(not mine, obviously) and attempting to summarize the key elements that I think make the poem work....i.e. the kernel of what resonates, rather than how it's achieved - the assumption being that it is achieved via craft, beauty, music, imagery, metaphor, whatever....(opinions may vary, results not typical, etc...) Does that sound like a (kinda ambitious) plan? Alright. Holden Caulfield lives...


This "poem" is an excerpt from a poem sequence in a novel by D. M. Thomas (The White Hotel) - I include it as an excerpt because his poems are very long - novella-length almost -so I just wanted to give an introduction to this amazing book, and to the poetry in it. This is one of my top five books - I urge you to read it, it stands alone - and the poetry in it is in the same league...



     I dreamt of falling trees in a wild storm
     I was between them as a desolate shore
     came to meet me and I ran, scared stiff,
     there was a trap door but I could not lift
     it, I have started an affair
     with your son, on a train somewhere
     in a dark tunnel, his hand was underneath
     my dress between my thighs I could not breathe
     he took me to a white lakeside hotel
     somewhere high up, the lake was emerald
     I could not stop myself I was in flames...


- excerpt from Don Giovanni, The White Hotel




Not appropriate for an excerpt - oh, alright..

Loss of control,

the unconscious, 

salvation and damnation,

the unattainable,

confession, liberation.



Adios, y hasta manana, mis compadres en poesia... 

El Capitane...

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Your Summarization

Hi there,

 I think your summarization of the excerpt was very appropriate.  I got the same "feelings" from reading it.

 I did read The White Hotel in college 20 years ago.  As you can imagine, my memory of it is quite fuzzy, but I do recall finding something in it that resonated with me. 

 Your excerpt has enticed me to take it down from the bookshelf to read again.

 Thank you!