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Captain's Blog - Stardate June 28, 2008

Today I'm looking like a smallpox victim - courtesy, apparently, of an invisible (or very stealthy) insect affectionately known as the Sunfly - the little bastards really do a number on a pasty cracker like me. A little ironic on the name, considering it's rainy season in St. Lucia and Mr. Sun hasn't been making too many appearances. All part of the future memories, right, chief?

Out of touch with the larger world the past week - no telephone, TV, dedicated internet, newspaper, etc. Sucks about George Carlin - I always hoped he'd go on to be some grizzled old curmudgeon, like George Burns or whatever his name was. I'll never forget that extended "pussy" routine he(GC) did on a special once - it was the most brilliant, surreal and longest ad-lib(and non-PC - which is fine by me) I've ever seen or heard. RIP, George.

No blogging tomorrow - everything pretty much closes down here on Sundays(75% Roman Catholic population, apparently..)

We have spent these past five days orbiting an obscure class "M" planet on the outer reaches of the Chevron system - we are unable to break free from the tractor-beams the inhabitants of the planet locked on to us after we refuelled The Enterprise's Dilythium crystals and number two paid for them with an expired credit-card. I distinctly remember instructing him to renew the bloody thing last time we made Starbase - if he paid more attention to his duties and less to drinking synthehol smoothies in ten forward with those flitty Devron waiters, we wouldn't be in this pickle to begin with. I'm considering temporarily seconding one of my other senior officers into his position, but when the choices are a blind guy who used to be a dancer, a psychopathic warrior with no social skills, An android with the personality of a potted plant or a medico with a Stevie Nicks hairdo, maybe I'll just count my blessings. Fuel running low....