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Captain's Blog - Stardate January 17, 2009

I'm just about ready to kill number two, I swear. Last night I went to Ten Forward, wearing a Ferengi cloak of invisibility I picked up on Rengus 9 - strictly against Starfleet orders, but who's to know, eh? Anyhow, I sat near number two and his company, and was horrified to hear him do a (very unconvincing) impersonation of myself, complete with finger-pointing, "make it so" and "ahead, Warp factor 9".

He then told a quite tasteless joke in a ridiculous French accent, before running his hands up and down the attractive young ensign sitting immediately next to him. Frankly, I always assumed he was on the other bus, if you take my point - I mean that beard - he looks like a firefighter - but still, I thought it all quite unprofessional.

I believe we're scheduled to make a stop at a leper colony quite soon - and we'll obviously need a representative to check on the inhabitants - I wonder who might fit the bill? I must give that some thought in the coming days....