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If Only Water Does Not Become More Expensive than Bunnahabhain in the Next Four Years.

President-Elect Obama still has seventeen days, by my West Coast time, before he has to assume responsibility for the shambles the Bush Gang, triumphantly greedy Wall Street "supply-siders," profoundly ignorant (mostly Southern, I'm afraid) Republican Congressmen, and timid go-along Democrats have left us in. It is they who have sent many troops, brave men and women (from America and a number of loyal allies), on a bloody wild goose chase, creating a truly formidable resistance in the Muslim World out of what was our delusions over a spectacular attack by 19 thugs, and boiled up simmering Islamic "street" resentments and tribal traditions into what we face now in Afghanistan and around the World. It is the Project for a New American Century Boys who will have destroyed the American "Main Street" by the time the troops return home (if they ever do in our lifetimes). Thousands of American small and middle class businesses will be "gone with the [mysterious financial] wind" because the credit structure on which they depended has been looted; the customers who bought their goods made destitute. Angry veterans and their declassee families, ill-equipt, really abandoned and mistreated for the last eight years -- as the budgets doubled and tripled under the weight of "out-sourcing" and kickbacks -- will go into the streets, asking: Why was our service so taken for granted?

Many financiers and politicians will be willing to "to take responsibility" for "the mistakes which were made," but as usual, few are going go through the hard, messy political and legal business of assessing "the blame" and bringing those responsible to justice. ["Let's move on." "Bush left quietly (sort of)." "Our new President has more important things to do than hunting down home-grown elected war criminals."] Whether in the fastness of Wyoming, the gated communities of suburban Dallas, or the new Bush Family escape compound in Paraguay (among the Grandpa Bush's old German friends), the billions of stolen funds will be spent proudly, as the remains of the American Middle Class try to sell their wildly overpriced accumulated junk on Ebay to buy "The New Economy Big Mac."

It is really going to be 1928 Berlin -- eighty years later -- The Three Penny Opera in a bad Rock translation.

 And so, my fellow Americans, especially those who already talk of "The Obama Depression," let Barack become President before we dump on him for not tripling the Defense Budget or re-establishing a "trickle-down economy." [It will actually be a "fire hose economy" but what it's gushing will not be prosperity.] I didn't support Obama initially, either, and he remains a little too cool and calculating for me still, but I don't know who could do a better job now. It is really going to be tough.

As I speak, the Israeli Army is invading Palestine, an act which could not have been decided, on this scale, without the support of the Administration -- another late Christmas Present to the World from George W. Bush, one that will bear incomparably bitter fruit, I'm afraid.

Below the upper two percent, we will all have our work literally cut out for us -- including those who invested in Bernie Madoff and a hundred other schemes like his -- not to mention rookie  President Barack Obama.

It's unseasonably cold, in the low 20's at night (a paradoxical result of Global Warming??), here in San Francisco. Colby Buzzell (my Red Room soldier-writer pal) and I will keeping a bottle of 25 year-old Islay Bunnahabhain on a shelf at The Whiskey Thieves on Geary Street. Take heart, troops and old friends. But hurry! We shall soon not be able to afford buying you a glass of it!

Happy Hogmanay, all . . . .


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the next four years

each day the stock market plunges further--the Middle East conflict continues--and all the houses of cards are collapsing. What can Obama do?
What can his colleagues do? The Republicans still group en masse to oppose the Stimulus -- the closest the government now can apparently get to a renewed New Deal.

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Thank you, Maria:

I'm such a poor blogger and correspondent . . . .

My plan was to come back here on Inauguration Day, and then again as Obama's plan went through the Congress, but I did not. And as you suggest, and the way I read it, George W. Bush & Friends suddenly realized that they were not going to be able to leave the looted ship before it quietly sank, and so, they suckered Obama and "the Democats" into bailing out the Republican Wall Street pirates before taking the U-666 to Paraguay. The Republicans left behind in Congress now have no future (and no important financial gain to be had) in a Democratic recovery for the ordinary people of our nation. They pared the money and the scope of the second bail out, and then voted against it, almost to a woman. Even if Obama is successful, many will not give him much credit, especially if he keeps bumbling as he has during his first days in office; and if he fails, they can say, "Don't look at us. We told you, this guy was an amateur, a loser!"

They are going to try to make the coming debacle, "Obama's Great Depression," as soon as they can.

It is going to be up to us to point out that thirty years of economic and social nonsense have brought us to this collapse, and we all better get behind the only plan that gives any hope of recovery. I still don't think that there is yet enough of a plan or -- good god -- enough money to finance such a plan. But it's all we've got.

Let's cleave together, Maria.

That's a poor bloody valentine, but it's all I have in my heart to give.

Thank you for a more gracious one!

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