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Day 91: Macresarf1 Year of the Apocalypse -- A Quarter Way through the Year!

Windy, rainy, high surf.  Trees fell around the SF Bay Area, and a light pole was blown over Downtown.

  In another twenty minutes, we shall have come 91 1/4 days into the Apocalyptic Year of 2012.  We are a quarter of the way into the Year.  If one believes in the Mayan prophecy, more than that.

   Son Guy and Son Jason went to the Safeway this afternoon, and afterward, Guy went to babysit Bud E. Pup.

  I happened to tie into a fascinating talk on Cspan's Book Review channel by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Director of the Hayden Planetarium.  His thesis was the need of Humankind to move into Outer Space, as far and fast as possible.  He was brilliantly witty, knowledgeable, and entertaining.  I shall have to look up his StarTalk Radio.net.  He is a real find!

   Toward evening, I had a relatively rare personal phone call, these days.  It was from Art Schupska, my oldest and closest friend from high school, back in Ohio.  He has always been loyal to me, faithfully writing every Christmas, entertaining me during the odd visit or class reunion.  I was therefore chagrined [do I use that word too much lately?] that he never received my note of condolence when he wrote me last December that Joanne, his wife of over 60 years, had died the month before, following a battle of several years against strokes and auto-immune diseases.

   Art had, reasonably, begun to wonder if I had shuffled off the stage, too.  We reflected that we are now in the stages where old friends simply drop out of the radar.  Two -- three -- other friends of mine have gone that way over the last several years.

   At least, in the case of Carl Oglesby, his wife gave me notice.

   Art also brought news that another old friend, Bruce "Buster" Starkey is in hospital with Leukemia.  The strain of the disease is said to be treatable, but even the word "leukemia" is  definitely distressing.  Art said that he was going to phone tomorrow, and I asked that he give Buster my heartfelt best wishes.

   I shall have to see if I can be in touch with him, too.

  Macresarf1 would write no more this day.

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