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Day 79: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- "Murder in War Is Not an Anomaly"

Feeling a bit better, despite the incessant cries and hammering of what Son Guy and I have  come to call  "Dracula's Minions" at the apartment house restoration across the alley. For weeks, they had either run out of money or worked inside, but today, they unlimbered a crane and a generator, clanking on throughout the day. 

   The day was filled with worrisome reports of an insidious crisis burgeoning in the Middle East.  Perhaps, the most ominous development was an announcement by the Russian Government that an "Anti-Terrorist" Russian military unit has entered Syria.  Russia, with long ties to Syria and Iran,  which has not been happy about the gradual deterioration of the situation vis a vis those countries and the Western Powers, has now decided to take an open hand.  The noose tightens. Full scale Post-21st Century war in the Middle East has come one step closer.

   This incipient disaster reminds me of Chris Hedges' depressed and depressing essay on our obsession with murder and foolish excuses for same.  To express a thesis in my own words for Hedges' thesis, we are driving ourselves mad:


   Read his essay, one of a number of deeply pessimistic pieces he has turned out recently . . . and reflect:  While we are occupied with our reality shows, celebrity malfunctions, sports,  sexual mayhem and political circuses, a situation which we, in large part, helped to create, threatens to literally blow up in our faces.

    Macresarf1 would write no more this day.