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Day 70: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Peace with a Pup, and Other Matters

Son Jason and I went for coffee across the street today, and later went down the street to see Lilianne at the Geary Club, and later still, Jerry at the Ha-Ra Club.  Neither of us had seen them for months.  Lilianne was trim and in good form, greeting us nicely, as did Jerry, who has returned to bartending, only on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

  Afterward, Son Guy and I watched GAME CHANGE, the HBO movie about how Sarah Palin became the Republican vice-presidential candidate in the last election.  Although Julianne Moore (Palin), Woody Harelson (Steve Schmidt), and Ed Harris (Senator John McCain) turned in creditable performances, I had to agree with the right wing critics that the film was more a live-action cartoon than any kind of drama or fair  expose.  The film seemed to me to be more about Schmidt's problems with Palin than anything else, and lacked drive and real interest.

  After some doubt yesterday about taking in the pup, he has now seems part of the landscape, though just here for an occasional visit.  

  Macresarf1 would write no more this day.