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Day 208: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Here and Away . . .

This was our last day in the Civic Center Holiday Inn. 

   We began to wind up our affairs here, and prepare for our move to the Granada Hotel.  

   Phone calls to the Red Cross and Elder Services about Son Guy's discoveries at the Granda were not successful.  And it turns out that every hotel we've stayed in has progressively doubled the price of a phone call -- so a dollar for each local one at the Holiday Inn, a small fortune for us over ten days.  [We bought the cell phone too late!] 

   On the other hand, we managed reduce or string out several other bills.

   Tonight, we were curiously weary.  We shall be going to bed early.

  SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: Initial estimates of the withered American corn crop cause experts to predict that food prices will rise 3 to 4 percent next year.  Of course, if the final Apocalypse comes at the end of 2012, we probably will not have to worry about the price of food in 2013. To reinforce this view, scientists reported that the ice sheath on Greenland melted at the highest rate in recorded history. [If the entire ice sheath slid into the sea, the ocean level might rise as much as 6o feet.

   Bye-bye, most the coastal cities of the World -- New York, Sidney, Rio, Los Angeles, San Francisco . . . .

    Macresarf1 will write no more this day.