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Day 190: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Dreams of Uncertainty

The morning was cool, and last night, we had watched documentaries on Joe Louis and Muhammed Ali until the early hours.  A little after ten, we were awakened by the arrival of a friend, who had been knocked around.  Brought in by our computer expert pal (who, incidentally, has just gotten a good job), the dead beat fellow slept in our chair for several hours.  I drifted back to sleep, and soon had one of those wonderful dreams where I was in a large pub restaurant, surrounded by people I knew but could not recogonize.  One was a pretty blonde girl, Levi; another perhaps her blonde mother and a small blonde girl, who sat on the mother's lap.  I kept walking around the bar, stopping at tables where strangely familiar individuals sat.  Turning my head once, I caught a blonde woman staring at me before she went behind the bar.  I sat on the floor once or twice, and a gangster-like man, rather like the actor Joseph Calleia, wearing a dark pin-stripe suit, looked me up and down.

   On awaking, I thought perhaps the girl was really our guest, transformed, and the woman staring at me, my first wife.

   In the afternoon, Son Guy made preparations for our departure, the day after tomorrow, even though we have little idea of where we're going.

   Disappointed that a friend who said he might drop over did not turn up, I did my Emails, checked myself against the malware threat, and watched the news shows.  We were unaware of the 4.6 earthquake off Fort Bragg, a hundred fifty miles north of San Francisco.  Perhaps . . . perhaps that was what the dream was about.

  Must be up early.  Lots of desparate phone calls and packing to do.

   SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE:  The grouse population in the Western United States has fallen precipitously, down from millions to about 2oo,000.  The land they graze on is being taken over by cattle and oil/natural gas interests.  On the West Coast, among many omens, Great White Sharks are advancing North (as they are on the East Coast), and the Pelican, that quintessential figure on our seashores is beginning to turn up in large numbers sick, injured, and disoriented.

   Macresarf1 would write no more this day. 

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I'm watching

I may not say much, Alex, but I'm watching your progress--changes? ?

May all go well. May you get a fair deal from everyone.

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Re: I'm Watching:

Thank you, Dolores.  I wish Red Room had an alert service for our blogs.  I often check back on a previous entry, but sometimes, I do not.  It was luck that I found your reaction, and you are my lucky girl.  Matters are uncertain now, but you find things in the Stars, do you not?


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the future

you find things in the Stars, do you not?

Only if Chaucer put them there.    :D