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Day 180: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Mixed Blessings.

Son Jason awoke me at 11 a.m., and I immediately turned on the TV set to watch the reaction to the Supreme Court Decision on The Affordable Care Act and watch the beginning of the debates on the Darrell Issa's attack on the Attorney General.

  The 5-4 decision upholding Obamacare was a considerable surprise to the media, who had almost universally predicted at least some limitation on the health plan.  In fact, CNN and Fox went on the air after reading half of the thesis line of Chief Justice Roberts' decision, blurting something like, "The Court Strikes Down Obama Care."  Perhaps by coincidence, later this day a sober John King winced as he announced that he would no longer anchor the 5 o'clock CNN news slot (8 o'clock EST).

   The House, meanwhile, was debating and, after a 50 minute debate, holding, twice,  Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress for withholding  documents in the Fast 'n Furious gun fiasco.  Why the administration has allowed this embarrassment to happen is curious.  Off the top of my head, I would say that it goes back to General Claire Chenault's procurement of P-40 fighter planes for his maverick squadron of volunteers in aid to China's Chiang Kai Shek before our entry into World War II.  It was then, following in the wake of the long past British Opium Wars, that America began decades of  trade of narcotics for weapons to fund covert actions.

   I intend to write a longer, more documented essay on my "conspiracy theory," but to give a few examples: the civil war in the Dutch East Indies in the postwar, Cold War activities in Southeastern Europe; the drug trade in Thailand before and during the Vietnamese War; Iran-Contra; Clinton in Mena, Arkansas, in regard to Central American revolution and counter revolution, and Reagan's Iran-Contra; the bringing of crack-cocaine in exchange for weapons in Central LA; George W. Bush's "Wide Receiver," and recently "Fast 'n Furious."  These are a fraction of even the known operations which make us the greatest buyer of drugs and the largest supplier of weapons in the World.  Hence, the insane positions taken by the National Rifle Association.

   Son Jason reports that he is to be sent as a delegate from San Francisco's Tenderloin to an Orlando, Florida, convention.  Good for Jason!  Some good news for a change.

   SIGN OF THE APOCALYSE:  Chairman Issa, my fellow student at KSU, and his able Republican lieutenants, if they can contain the story I hint at above, intend to make the investigations of the House Committee on Reform and Oversight much more damaging to the Obama Administration than Obamacare.  And that's saying something!

   Macresarf1 would write no more tonight.