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Day 154: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Preparing to Vote.

Son Jason arrived promptly at 10 a.m. to find me in bed.  He was going to Occupy activities and to pay up to our benefactors at the corner for all their good will toward us recently.

  Soon I was up, turning on my newly recorded iTune library and starting to sort through a formidable scattering of material, some of it dating back sixty years, all to unearth where I had put my mail-in ballot for the California June Primary.  At last, just about on the bottom of the piles, there it was.

   First, I read the instructions because every year a new wrinkle is added.  This year two ballots are included in an effort to simply the process.  HA-HA-HA!

   My local representatives are good people:  Mark Leno and Tom Ammiano, and despite what the Republican nasties say, Nancy Pelosi is a superb person, Congresswoman, and woman, not necessarily in any order. Unlike Senator Barbara Boxer, who is always on the side of the 99%, however, I have my doubts about Senator Diane Feinstein.  I have heard her be mealy-mouthed too often, and so, I voted for someone else in the primary  slate, as a protest.  I also came down for the local garbage handlers and for dollar tax on cigarettes.  [The Tobacco people spent millions to defeat the measure.] I also was for seeing to it that local landmark Coit Tower puts more money into keeping its WPA murals up to snuff.  Also for term limits on State Legislators. As for the Democratic Central Committee, my choices were guided by the Tenant Union recommendations.

   I signed the envelop, sealed it, and brought the materials into Guy.  Unfortunately, we had both been clearing away stuff, and he couldn't find his ballot.  He'll have to go down to City Hall on Monday, throw himself on the mercies of the clerks.

  Finishing off my Email, I savored in particular Norman Corwin's magnificent "On a Note of Triumph," written by Norman Corwin, narrated by Martin Gabel, with music Bernard Herrmann, originally broadcast on VE-Day 1945.  If we had only listened closely to that rousing but mordant celebration of our victory over Hitler's Germany, we might not be in the mess we are now.

  SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE:  The Dow fell a full 2% today, presumably on news that only 69,000 new jobs were created during this time period, and the unemployment rate climbed again to 8.2%.

   Macresarf1 would write no more this day.