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Day 149: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Strange Memorial Day

Up late in the morning.  Worked until Son Jason paid us a visit around two o'clock.

    Jason, Guy, and I had a nice talk which stretched on through the afternoon, as Jason kept going up to the little store, hoping to find a regular on duty,  this Memorial Day.  At last, he succeeded, but meanwhile we exchanged great stories.

   Before he left, Jason got me watching  Howard Hawks' SERGEANT YORK (1941).  I continued to watch the picture through until the end.  Gary Cooper won an Oscar for his portrayal of Alvin York, and almost everyone else involved was nominated.  One reason I became entralled is that Grace or Gracie, as she sometimes likes to call herself, the love of my life,  told me that she saw it and liked Gary Cooper's performance.  In the course of the film, I discovered that York's sweetheart was named . . . Gracie.

  I found the film a strange but satisfactory way of pausing for Memorial Day.

   Memorial Day used to be a very moving observance, but now that most such days are part of long weekends, I have a hard time taking note of the day itself.  All I know is that far too Americans have died unnecessarily in the fast forty years in our various "wars."  We should call an end to them while we are still the World's most powerful military power.  I'm reminded of the old Hollywood advice:  Be nice to those you meet on the way up because you will meet most of them on the way down.

    The same can be said of nations.

   Macresarf1 will write no more this day.