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Day 144: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Ensnared by Her Words

Today, I finished putting the last of my CD's into the machine.

   Preparations for Son Guy's trip with his old friends continued.

   I felt quite sleepy after my tasks.  I welcomed Son Jason's visit in midafternoon, and his return in the early evening.  He was pleased that I'd found an article about a subject he liked.

   The weather continues rather cool, with a threat of showers by Friday.

   Most of my evening was taken up reading a very interesting memoir by a Red Room colleague, Dolores Cullen, who had kindly sent me a copy.  The book, Ensnared by His Words, recounts in episodic fashion how she progressed through the stages of wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, while gradually becoming a scholar and explorer in the works of Geoffrey  Chaucer. She proves to be quietly inpirational in her quest.

    Still sleepy.  Going to have something to eat.

    Macresarf1 would write no more this day.

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Thank you for the kind words, Alex.

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You are quite welcome.

You know, the scholars who disappointed you were looking at your work narrowly, as they are often encouraged to do.  Many times (in the past, at least), they have had little training in giving counseling.  They were hired on the strength of their published works and articles.  That was all that counted.

  The fellow who was so concerned about your writing style was probably right from the University's standpoint.  The Department administrators no doubt assumed that you were in the program to achieve higher degrees.  Your advisor, therefore, was reporting back on how closely you were coming to a style which would get you through the examiners and the orals.

   But you showed them all a different course.


                                          Alex -- Macresarf1 -- Glenn Anders