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Day 137: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Cafe e Pain Chocolat on Geary Street.

Today was a happy, productive, slightly frustrating day.  Son Guy woke up following our late session with Troy last night able to access his IBM laptop.  Son Jason called to invite us for coffee at the wonderful little Angel Cafe, across Geary Street from us.  And I labored away on the phone until I had made a reasonable deal with AT&T for a wi-fi package which would help Guy access the internet on the laptop.  AT&T is not my favorite company, but I've been with them for over fifty years, so I'd better be used to their methods.  "The Package" arrives at the end of the week.

   Jason arrived at a little after 2 0'clock, and we sauntered up Leavenworth, across Geary, to the Angel.  We had our usual -- Jason: Earl Grey Tea; Guy:  White Mocha and a donut; Me: Double Espresso and Pain Chocolat, warmed a moment in the convection oven [HEAVEN!]  The weather was bright, sunny, with a breeze which, surprisingly, abated  after three o'clock.

  I had not been out in some time, not out at the Cafe for much longer.  We were splendidly  greeted!

   Guy was back on his meds after last night, and he cheerfully regaled us with stories, as we watched the passing parade on Geary: people going about their business, street characters, ladies walking small dogs, and a few obvious tourists.  [The latter are often middle-aged couples -- he in what look like pajamas and a wet weather jacket (one stood out in red); the woman in a heavy sweater, checkered skirt, sneakers and what look like bobby socks (always, I'll swear, with the same rather "butch" coif; they pass us furtively, as if we were going to leap out and put an end to their foolish pilgrimage to Sin Francisco (sic) with drawn knives!] 

   Upon returning to our apartment, Guy downloaded Nellie McKay's dual CD/DVD Album, GET AWAY FROM ME, into his computer.  We listened to many of the songs from this, her first album, and watched quite a stretch of live recorded DVD from The Independent on Divisadaro Street in the City. I happened to be there the night that it was video-taped.  She is the daughter of my old student Robin Pappas (SUPERMAN II), and Nellie is in the way of being a young genius.

   Guy later talked with me for several hours.  It was the closest, warmest conversation we've been in some months.

   Good stuff!

   Before I sat down to write my Blog here, I replied to my literary Chaucerian  friend (at Red Room), Dolores, admitting a typographical error on my part.  Later, I wrote the Noir Taping Group that I and my two lads were reluctantly pulling out of their Video Shoot.  We had not known what it entailed; the money that might have helped us find out was now gone.

  The blog was interrupted arbitrarily by a survey by the Tobacco Institute trying to cajole me into voting against Proposition 29 on the California June ballot.   [The Prop will add a dollar in tax to a pack of cigarettes -- Hooray!]  I gave them a piece of my mind. [Guy and I both suffer from C.O.P.D., and his mother has recently been fighting Lymphoma.  We were all heavy smokers!]  I had to write this blog all over again.  Grrr-rr!

   Macresarf1 will write no more this day.