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Day 135: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Mother's Day and All That Implies.

Mother's Day was a little rough for our little posse.

   Son Guy had been up most of the night trying to generate his laptop into action, with only limited success.  I tried to work with him in the late morning and early afternoon to get him onto the  wi-fi, after his mentor at the Holiday Inn (the original owner of the laptop) became impatient with him, but I was not very successfully.  I've never used wi-fi myself, which meant though I was more familiar with the procedures, I was ultimately not able to help either of us.  This upset Guy considerably.

   Into the middle of these efforts came Son Jason, who wanted to pick up the Mother's Day Card we had made out for his lady, Londera, last night.  While we were at these scrambled transactions, we decided to call all of the pertinent mothers we knew and wish them a Happy Mother's Day, perhaps not wise under the circumstances.  I phoned Londera and told her that Jason would bring home her card.  Then, Guy phoned his old girlfriend, Loraine, and they talked for a time. We tapped into the motherlode by getting in touch with Bunty and Miranda in Reno.  My remarks, followed by Jason's, were warm but brisk.   When it came Guy's turn, however, being up so long, and his attachment to his mother being to deep, his segment produced a long emotional conversation, with I don't know how many people becoming involved on the Reno end.

   Finally, we tried to be in touch with Grace and a couple of other mothers, but we had resort to leaving messages.

   Before he left, Jason announced that he had made both a tomato soup and a clam chowder, which he wanted to share with us.  It was a kind gesture, which has been typical of him lately.

   I sent Guy out for fresh air as to Wallgreen's for plastic containers, which he used to carry back the potages later in the evening.

   Somewhere in all this activity, Jessie, the erstwhile mistress of Buddy E. Pup made an appearance.

   We also made plans to attend at the invitation of my friened,Czar of Noir Eddie Muller a video shoot for one of his his protegees, Erin Brazil,  at Viracoche in the Mission, next Saturday.

   In the late evening neither Guy nor I were up to eating the  the soup, and we refrigerated the  containers for tomorrow,  falling back on more normal fare.

   My fatigue was such that I forgot all about THE BORGIAS on TV, and I had difficulty following certain of the more subtle references in this week's episode of MAD MEN.  But what a smart, savvy show it is!  I'll have to look at an encore later this week -- as I did this past week.

   I'm hungry now, going to have me a little "Peanut Butter Surprise"!

  Macresarf1 would write no more this day.