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Day 133: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- A Visit from an Impish Angel

Glorious Spring weather continues the Bay Area.

    Woke and trimmed my beard this morning because this is the 16th birthday of my Granddaughter, Laversa Azure Fraser.  I put on my black and red Soviet Social Realism T-shirt (a gift, many years ago, from Son (Daddy) Jason) and slipped into my cargo shorts.  I called Laversa I, and she told me granddaughter was in school, and that they would see Son Guy and me this evening.

   I worked all day until after 6 o'clock, mostly on a Wellesnet project, which I lost.  [Why do I not save these things? Takes the heart out of me!]  Then, I called Son Jason's apartment and talked to Mom Londera, who gave me Laversa's new cellphone number.  I put through the number and found Laversa in the midst of a party given by girlfriends.  She said that she and Grandma would be up in later in the evening.

   Not much on TV this evening.  I nodded off a couple of times.

   About ten after nine, Laversa called to say they were on their way.

   Shortly, she arrived.  She was the epitome of smart, petite, modest beauty, with a checkered dress, a red sweater, and her hair long on her shoulders.   We chatted for about twenty minutes about her day, her schooling, her ambitions, her Mom and Dad.  She was charming!

   I apologized for taking her with our clan (last time I saw her) to see THE TREE OF LIFE (on a casual recommendation by Larry French).  I said it was a dud, but surprising to me, the film won three Oscar Nominations.  Laversa was most diplomatic, observing that "the picture was complicated."

   Then, Uncle [Son] Guy dashed in from the street to say Grandma wanted to get going.  A beating at the R & J Sports Bar across the street had her ringed by police.

   Off went Laversa to her beddy-byes.

   I called Londera to say what an admirable daughter she has.

   Macresarf1 would write no more this day.