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Day 130: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Preparations for Observances

Another fine day, but I woke up a bit shaky.

   Got to work around noon, and worked until after six in the evening.

   Then, I wrote out a couple of important cheques, had Son Guy post them, then set to Mother's Day and  Birthday cards.  We have at least four Mothers on our list, and Granddaughter Laversa's Birthday is  on Friday.  Son Jason, her father, came up from O'Farrell Street and added his signature to ours.  We scraped together enough money to sweeten the Birthday and Mother's Day  pots a little bit. I decided upon a simpler gift for Laversa than originally planned, holding one of the last of my treasures for her graduation in a couple of years (if I'm still around).  Guy and Jason mailed the rest.

   Later in the evening, I watched parts of spy thrillers starring Joel McCrae.  The best of them of course was  Alfred Hitchcock's FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT, but I only got in on the end of that:  Quite a stirring propaganda piece, in a good cause.

    Guy opened the windows to air the place out, but the fog has now come in, and the air has chilled down.  There was a standoff down the street at Hyde and Post, blocking off traffic as far up as our street.  Word came through a while ago that the suspect in a stabbing death yesterday had tried to shoot it out with police from his girlfriend's apartment.  A sniper took him out, killed him dead.  I do wonder at how often the police here just do away with people, sometimes apparently peaceful ones.  I would not want to have anything in my hand when approaching a policeman in this city (or most other cities in this country.) Street justice may save municipalities a lot of money! 

   Macresarf1 would write no more this day.