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Day 126: Macresarf'1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- Aftermath

Warming day in the Bay Area, clear skies, cooler this evening, warmer yet tomorrow.

   After my Epdurals yesterday, I went home and slept for eleven hours.  I woke feeling marvelous, got up, standing tall, and went to work on gathering materials for a requested meeting with the SSI over a custodial account, on Monday.

   Mid-afternoon, I had an argument, finished the rough phase of my task, and turned on the TV.

   Son Guy went out with a friend and did not return until after nine o'clock, when he brought me back lettuce and tomatoes for my supper.

  Meanwhile, I watched one of Second Wife Grace's favorite pictures, MOMMY DEAREST.  I've always thought Faye Dunaway did a superb job in recreating Hollywood Star Joan Crawford, in the various stages of her career. I also thought the cast, the cinematographer, and Director Frank Perry were top notch. Yet, the film is often pointed out as an example of "camp."  It blighted Ms. Dunaway's career, and I don't believe Frank Perry ever made another good picture.

   I feel suddenly back to my old, decrepit self.

   Macresarf1 will write no more this day.