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Day 122: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012 -- A Quiet May Day

May Day was warm and quiet.

   Woke after a long sleep.

   Tried to deal with some technical and financial woes.

   Later, I called the indomnitable BAMBO-BAMBO in the fastness of Okahoma to wish him Happy May Day.  I'm glad to report that he sounded strong and hale.  He says that his physical troubles last month were caused by a pesky dye which was injected into him as a part of a testing procedure.  I promised to send him the URL of the Fiona Banner HEART OF DARKNESS art installation (which I have not done yet).

  Still later in the day, I watched THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA on TCM.  The picture had a lot of trouble in the making and was not very well received, not by me either,  but in a nice print, I found it reassuring. Perhaps my advancing age caused me to overlook some of the flaws in its execution and appreciate more the allegory of an old man facing his final challenge.  Certainly, Ernest Hemingway's prose narration, which was used extensively (a developing no-no among critics by the late 1950's), is sounding more impressive, if the great American author's penchant for  repetition is not.

   Later, I alternated between watching May Day Occupy Protests on local news channels and an impressive FRONTLINE expose of the fraud and chicanery carried out at home and abroad by Goldman Sachs and other investment banks.  I'm afraid that the average 99-Percenters might have done more for the cause by watching the latter than by acting as inadvertent window dressing for the vandalism arrests in Oakland and San Francisco.

  Mid-evening, Son Jason turned up for a visit.

   Afterwards, Son Guy, flitting here and there, paused to make me a cup of coffee.

  Macresarf1 would write no more this day.