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Day 12: Macresarf1's Year of the Apocalypse 2012

The apartment has been uncomfortably warm today.  We've never figured out the themostat on the radiator.  That factor is, of course, the least of our many nagging worries, certainly a problem that thousands  of homeless wouldn't mind having in San Francisco this evening.  We took in for the night a homeless acquaintance of ours.  His gratitude for a little food,  a pad on the floor, a shower, and a pair of clean socks was sobering.

  Meanwhile, in South Carolina, the Republican Big Guns are wheeling batteries of flacks into position to defend Frontrunner Mitt Romney against charges that he is callous, that he has completely misrepresented his time as head of the sinisterly named Bain Capital.  Why, of course, they say, CEO Romney had to enjoy firing people.  That's what Capitalism is about -- cutting expenses, maximizing profits for the shareholders!  If careers are shattered, families thrown down the economic ladder, perhaps into poverty . . . well, that's just The Free Enterprise System in action!

  Bain Captital, for anyone who didn't know, was one of those predatory corporations formed in the 1980's which had as its primary line of attack to buy up distressed companies, sell off or re-package the profitable units, discard under-performing divisions, perhaps create whole new firms out of the ruins.  Outfits like Bain Capital, no matter their later successes (in its case,  mostly after the Romney-type rainmakers had moved on) are the reason why, all over the nation's midsection, sections of cities, whole towns, are still closed down, the people scrabbling.  Such a town, in Northeastern Ohio, is the one I grew up in, where two-thirds of the kids graduating from high school used to go to work for True Temper, The Metal Wheel, or the DuAll Mop Factory. No more.  All done. Shut down. Kaput.  The last time I was there, twenty years ago, the craze was for the old farm and town families to sell off their heirloom funiture and bric-a-brac to wealthy (and not so wealthy) tourists from New England and New York, all eager to buy back "The Western Reserve" before going on to "The Rock n' Roll Museum" in Cleveland.

   [Need I add that a majority of people in my town, through good times and disastrous times, continued to vote Republican!  We must have a deathwish, which will be further fulfilled, unless I miss my guess, before the end of this Year of the Apocalyse 2012.]

   For a broader view of our system, I recommend the documentary, THE CORPORATION:


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