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Alethea D Eason's Books

Turtle Soup and Sopa de tortuga
Pilar's father brings a sea turtle home from the day's fishing.  He announces that the village will have a fiesta of turtle soup.  Pilar names the turtle Antonio and is horrified because at school she has learned there are not many sea turtles left.  With her ingenuity and a surprise from Antonio, the village soon celebrates, not a good meal of turtle soup, but the hatching of...
Hungryrevise2 (2).jpg
Would you eat your best friend if your parents told you to?  Better known as Dbrrrksh on the Home World, Deborah is a 6th grade alien girl living with her family´s secret: they eat people.  Her parents are preparing Earth to be the next fast food stop for their species.   To make things worse, they tell her she must prove her loyalty to the Home World by snacking on Willy, the boy...
From the back of the book: Eason is a born mythmaker.  Her poetry is hallucinatory, oracular, gritty, and elegant, and her mythopoetic heart never fails to turn the human condition into epic song, one that redeems us all.  Bruce McAllister, DREAM BABY  Alethea Eason's images split the world open with new inspirations as she explores a modern woman's sense of self.  Her work is...