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I´m taking a minute to write before I have to start teaching.  Writing and teaching go hand in hand in many ways, but unfortunately TIME to write becomes an issue.  My writing time at night is filled with correcting papers and reading the literature selections I have to teach.  This especially happens when  a new school year begins.  I teach in Chile and March is September here. 

I published my young-adult (middle grade?) fantasy novel Heron´s Path on Red Room because 1) I knew that blogging was going to take low priority for awhile, and 2) I spent a LONG time writing it and wanted to share the novel as publishing it in a formal way isn´t likely to happen.  Heron´s Path is my first novel, and it has a special place in my heart in a way that not even Hungry (my published novel) does.

If anyone has followed the posting and read Heron´s Path, and has the inclination to do so, I´d really appreciate hearing what you thought of it.

I´m looking out the window of the English department right at the ocean which is about a mile away.  The day is foggy.  How I´d love to just keep writing, but the bell for my first class is going to ring soon.