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Cobb, CA
Since 1981 to William Eason
Dec 2008

Alethea Eason is a writer, teacher, and free-lance editor.

Heron’s Path, a young adult fantasy novel, published by Spectacle Media Publishing Group as an eBook, will be available through Amazon in March, 2012. Set in an alternative universe of northern California at the start of the twentieth century, Katy and Celeste believe they are fraternal twins. They have grown up listening to the stories that belong to their native step-grandmother, Olena, and the world of her people, the Nanchuti, is more real to them than that of the civilization their parents chose to leave behind. Celeste undergoes a frightening transformation, and Katy must decide what her love for Celeste means. Heron’s Path is both a spiritual journey and an exciting adventure as the girls travel upriver to the deep wilderness to discover the truth of the path that is Celeste’s destiny.

Hungry is her humorous middle grade science fiction novel published by HarperCollins in 2007. Would you eat your best friend if your parents told you to? That’s Deborah’s dilemma. She’s the only 6th grade alien on Earth, disguised by a human overskin, and pulled between her loyalty to her friend Willy and her family and species. Alethea has finished Starved, a sequel to Hungry.

Alethea has published stories in several anthologies for children including A Glory of Unicorns, edited by Bruce Coville, Stories have also appeared in New Moon Magazine and Shoo-Fly Audio Magazine. She also writes for adults and her work has appeared in Sweet Fancy Moses, Radiance, and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, among others. She won the Eugene Ruggles Poetry Award, sponsored by The Dickens, published by Copperfiled Books of Sonoma and Napa Counties.

As a reading specialist, Alethea has taught grades kindergarten through eighth. She spent a year and a half at St. Margaret’s British School for Girls in Concon, Chile where she worked in literacy in the junior school and as an IB English teacher at the senior school. She now teaches at Minnie Cannon Elementary School in Middletown, California.

Alethea has edited a number of novels and memoirs. She prides herself on working quickly and thoroughly. When working on a novel, she becomes invested in the book and hones it so that the best potential of the manuscript shines forth.

Alethea lives among the pines with her husband, Bill, and Jinxy and Arturo, their two tabby cats, on Cobb Mountain, Lake County, California.


Jane Yolen, Ursula Le Guin, Denise Levertov . . .

Upcoming Works

Heron's Path, published as eBook by Spectacle Media Publishing Group

Pre sales on Amazon March 2012, official launching April 1, 2012


Russ Galen, Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency 276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 708 New York NY 10001

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Travel, bluegrass music, reading, art projects, dark chocolate