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New Book Teaser for debut novel "A Death for Beauty"

When Virginia Mae Mercy secretly wishes for her husband Birdie’s death, she never thought of herself as an accomplice. But when Birdie is mysteriously murdered by Cheyenne Dogmen, she begins to question her involvement in the grisly crime. Now troubled, Virginia cannot come to terms with her conscience and believes she was somehow responsible for his killing―an event that propels her on a path of certain ruin, as she adventures across the barren Western Plains during the height of the Civil War in search of a new life with her sickly daughter, Triste. What they come across along the fringes of the Oregon Trail, in the dark corners of the prairies, will change their lives forever.

"It is said that our fate with death has an appointed time and place. We die in a mortal instant, and leave behind all there is to give, all there is to take, and whom we were; now flashing memories, suspended in the winds of precious time." This story belongs to the brave of heart. Those who endure it shall live again." VIRGINIA MAE MERCY

This illuminating debut by Alberto R. Arias explores the mysteries of the human heart with insightful ironies that mirror the hidden parts of our soul, and touch us deeply with a reflection of who we really are, challenging us to look away, but we cannot. A provocative and breathtaking story, "A Death for Beauty" is an uplifting, mesmerizing, and often humorous read that has earned its rightful place in contemporary American literature.