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New York City
Oct 2008

Alberto Ferreras is a New York City based writer, filmmaker songwriter and performance artist. His work has been presented on MTV, HBO, the Berlin Film Festival, and numerous film and theater festivals around the world. “B as in Beauty” is his first novel.

—Advance praise for B as in Beauty—

“From chapter zero (yes that’s how it starts) B as in Beauty is a winner.  Hilarious, bizarre and poignant all in one wonderful read. I absolutely loved it.  B as in Beauty is B as in Brilliant!”

—Soledad O’Brien


“Perfectly witty, funny and truly engaging. Pure escapism, yet strangely real… I couldn’t get enough of B”

—Daisy Fuentes


“A funny and moving search for one’s self esteem. It makes you realize that beauty lies not in the eyes of the beholder but in the eyes of your own mind and heart. ”

—Denise Quiñones, Miss Universe 2001



Jorge Luis Borges,
Franz Kafka,
Gabriel García Márquez,
Julio Cortázar,
Eunice Odio,
Manuel Puig,
George Orwell,
William Shakespeare,
Juan Carlos Gené,
Osamu Tezuka.

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