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The greatest writers retreat is into your self, into books you love, into the wildness of nature, into the chaos and beauty of your deepest emotions. As for actual retreats, in the late 1990's I had the blessing of being a campground host at a remote state park called the Sinkyone Wilderness on the...
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I have an MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, which I traded in for a life in poetry, memoir, and now a novel. Go figure. Most of my recent work (15 years ago) is on www.greenmuseum.org. Otherwise here's a shot from back in the day.
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The Visionary Writers MFA--Coaching for Writers
Who needs a writing coach? How about everybody. Though some people might call them an editor, some of the best editors are really coaches--and many will resist the idea that they need one at all. But who among the most successful writers has not had a mentor, supportive professor, brilliant editor...
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