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Published by Publishers Weekly
"Whether the subject is parental abuse, alcoholism, or the travails of the writing life, Kaufman’s (Jew Boy; Matches) memoir violently grabs your attention, refusing to let up...
Published by Evergreen Review
"In passage after passage, we see the truths of the heart are hard won; and this, the psychic searching that is behind every emotion rendered, accounts for the book’s explosive...
Jew Boy
Published by MARKET WATCH
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Alan Kaufman is on a mission. The San Francisco-based writer and poet is being reviled by some in the tech industry, where he is trying to draw...
Published by BOOKLIST
From Booklist Nathan Falk is an American expatriate serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). His unit is repeatedly called up to serve in the West Bank and Gaza. The soldiers...
From Publishers Weekly The title is an Israeli army term for a soldier, or one who "strikes, burns, and dies." Nathan Falk, an American-born Jew and the son of a Holocaust...
Jew Boy
Published by Front Page San Francisco Chronicle Book Review
Alan Kaufman is a survivor. It took him nearly half a century to realize it. As a kid, he believed ``there was no difference between a victim and a survivor,'' he writes in his...
The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
Published by San Francisco Chronicle
For Alan Kaufman, the late San Francisco vagabond wordsmith Jack Micheline represented the true spirit of poetry. ``He would beg destiny for a break,'' recalls Kaufman, shaking...
Published by Cover, Sunday New York TImes Book Review
Back in the late 1930's, when Philip Rahv made that famous distinction between American literature's ''redskins'' (yawping Walt Whitman) and ''palefaces'' (finicking Henry James...
Published by Front page of the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review