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Big ghosting news: I'm going to be collaborating with Ironman triathlete Sarah Reinertsen on her memoir "Hot Legs and Great Hair." The final details are still being hammered out, but the proposal found a good home, and landed, in the parlance of Publishers Marketplace, a good deal.

That said, I'm a hardcore multitasker, so be you an editor, an agent, or just somebody who wants to tell their story, if you need a ghostwriter, here I am. I'm experienced, I can write in different voices and different genders, I play well with others, and I can juggle multiple projects in multiple genres. I'm also uncannily fast; given proper access to my subject, I can turn around a ready-to-submit 50-page book proposal in two weeks. All jobs will be done punctually, professionally, and accurately, be it a rock star's 500-page confessional autobiography, or a young woman's memoir of her love for her dog, or a Washington insider's story of evil goings-on, or, y'know, anything.

Feel free to email alanwrites@cs.com or visit http://www.AlanGoldsher.com for more information.

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I truly envy

your kind of talent. You've got muscle. Congratulations on the new project. Great title.

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How do you do it?

I've always been fascinated by writers who are not only prolific but are also quick. How do you manage to write so much in a short period of time? Oh, and from reading your biography, you could actually write a nice book about your adventures as a bassist!


Thomas Dotson, redroom.com

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Re: Speed - I dunno.  I just do it.  I try not to think about it too much, because it'd probably slow me down.  :-)

Re: A bassist book - Actually, my first novel "Jam" has a bunch of semi-autobiographical music stuff.  But I wrote it over ten years ago and it's very much a first novel.  Then again, I haven't looked at it in, like, forever, so it might not be as scary as a I think.