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Jun 2012

Mr. Alain Yaovi M. Dagba is a teacher, a minister, and a motivational speaker. He is mostly known for one of his books titled: Secrets to Divine Manifestations, which was named by some of his readers, one of the greatest books of the century.

He has written more than 20 books and hundreds of articles. His key-Message is that everyone has the power within to create his own life and happiness through self-awareness, understanding of spiritual principles and metaphysical concepts of man, the universe, and life in genera.

Alain is specialized in ST (Soul Treatment), a technology he took 9 years to develop to help people clear out their subconscious mind from past hurts and pain which participate in sicknesses and failures in life.

Alain uses his natural gift of dream interpretation and understanding of symbols to help many find guidance in life and make right decisions.

He believes that all the knowledge concerning God, man, the universe and its laws lead to this one thing: Self-awareness. Man must come to know that he is the embodiment of God, and that happiness is his natural state of being.

Alain has trained many ministers, and still does, in the understanding of biblical scriptures for the right restoration of the churches in the universal message of truth and love that was taught by Jesus Christ. He has a broader knowledge in science, philosophy, psychology, esoteric-knowledge, and world religions.

He is the initiator of the national life improvement and international humanitarian project, Vitam Novam, and the founder of the nonprofit organization Earth-Link; Earth-Light. Alain is also the initiator of the Earth-Link-Global-Awakening movement. He lives in Boston, is married and a father of two.

Alain is originally from Togo, West-Africa.

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