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To project myself as an author offering works for the publishers, it seems appropriate to tell about me, what so far I have done, in the third person.In Brief:Born and brought up in Kolkata, Aju Mukhopadhyay settled in Pondicherry, India. He is a bilingual poet, critic, essayist, biographer, feature and fiction writer.  He has 14 books in English and 12 in Bangla. He has five books of poems published in English besides two in Bangla; three books of short stories in Bangla and two in English besides a novel in English. Some of his poems and short stories have been translated in other languages and many of his poems, some short stories and essays including critique on other poets and writers, have been included in anthologies. Among his works essays on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother deserve special mention. He has written their biographies in English and Bangla, has translated them and has written on the poetry of Sri Aurbiondo. He is a regular contributor of poems, essays, critiques, short stories, haiku, haibun, tanka and other short poems of Japanese origin in different magazines and ezines.As Editor:He edited two little magazines for short stories between 1967 and 1970 and a literary magazine in 1993 in Bangla. He published a daily Mini Little Magazine, Srotaswini, for a fortnight in 1970. He is in the advisory board of some literary magazines and ezines and member of the All India Co-ordination Committee of The Haiku Society of India.As Author:Published books in Bangla are 12: Three books of short stories, three biographies, two books of poems, one book of essays, two books of translations and a one act play. Two of his biographies are running in second edition.       Books written in English are 14: Sri Aurobindo’s Ideal of Freedom and Human Unity (Essays), Mother of all Beings (Biography), Sri Aurobindo: The Yogi of Divine Life (Glimpses of his philosophical, yogic and spiritual life), Lord Ganesha (Monograph), The Witness Tree (Poems), In Celebration of Nature (Poems), The Paper Boat (Poems), Short Verse Vast Universe (Haiku and other short verses), Aju Mukhopadhyay’s Poems on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Poems), White Bird and its Black Shadow (Short Stories), The Moments of Life (Short Stories including those in the earlier book), In Train (novel), Water (Environmental) and Pondicherry Environment  (Environmental).Environmentalist:Recognized as a ‘Key Environmentalist’, he supports conservation of nature and writes on the subject of environment and animal welfare. Honors, Prize, Awards Received: He was awarded Certificate of Competence as a Published Writer by the Writers Bureau, Manchester, UK and awarded Best Poet of the Year-2003 by the Poets International, Bangalore, India. He has been awarded the 2007 Editor’s Choice Published Poet award by the International Library of Poetry, USA and Excellence in World Poetry Award, 2009 by the International Poets Academy, Chennai. One of his poems remained at the top of the list of poems in asianamericanpoetry.com from December 2007 for about three months. He is included in top ten recent poems by Poetsindia.com. He is a member of the Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute. They have offered him American Order of Merit.Travel:He has traveled in some parts of the globe, specially the Nature and Wildlife areas in India, Europe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Kenya in East Africa. He has published his short travelogues in magazines and news papers.Participation:He has participated in two World Haiku Festivals, four World Poetry Festivals besides other seminars, Poet’s Meet and other conferences. He is likely to participate in two international conferences on Tribal life during the year. Coming to my ProjectsWith the above background, I wish to inform that quite some of my critiques on other poets and literary works including poems and short stories, in original and in translation, are waiting to see light of day or they have already seen the light but have not informed me. Presently working on:Presently I am working on a brief essay on the Poems of Sri Aurobindo, whose creation belongs mostly to twentieth century, who is more known to the world as a yogi, thinker and philosopher than as a poet. Even he has been denied his claim to be called a poet by a poet and critique of the present time in U.K. though he is the creator of the largest spiritual epic in English language, Savitri, containing nearly 24000 lines. And I have already worked and published part of my plan to produce books on the following subjects:     On Food, Health and Culture (mainly Indian) containing beneficial foods and drinks and spices and sometimes the way to use them as food and other relevant subjects like habits and practices.      The Glittering World of Stones containing my features written on precious stones, the use and anecdotes about them.     A Book of Travelogue- besides traveling, I work for the conservation of nature and environment, to the extent possible. My articles contain concern for them, wherever required. Among other things, I describe the literary, environmental aspects of places I visit, for example my visit to Lake District of England contains references to the presence of Wordsworth in a subtle body in Rydal Mount, on the fringes of Ambleside, six years after he was gone, as wrote Mrs. Humphry Ward, as she reminisced. In that house the poet had lived for long with his sister, wife and Sister-in-law. My work on most of the places visited is nature and wildlife areas in India and abroad. Fact files are not routinely given. However, those may be added, if need be. I have taken photos and many such photos have been published. Such photos and more may be used.      Indian Festivals- festivals are the occasions of meeting of different hearts and minds, people of different places and religions, as they reflect the age old tradition of peoples and their beliefs, it is a field for national integration and culture. I feel that a book on them will be welcome to readers from all walks of life. I have written on many Indian and some International festivals and published in magazines and news papers.     Book of Poems- a bunch of poems published in magazines and ezines are waiting to be stitched between covers- it will be my sixth book of poems.     Book of Short Verses with haiku and other types of Japanese very short poems, already published, are also waiting to be stitched between covers, to make my seventh book of poems.     Book on Nature-I have already written some pieces on trees and some animals. I wish to complete the idea of Nature, to a limited extent of course, with my feelings, experiences and knowledge about Trees, Rivers, Birds and some selected animals in woodlands.      My second Novel- I have been dreaming for some time of writing another novel, mainly on Indian life based on Calcutta and other places in India. Its span may be some 100 years or more. To conclude I may say that I have self-published some of my works at the beginning, like poems and some of my friends have published some of my short works. Some of my latest books have been published by commercial publishers. I have been able to sale portion of my books through retail sellers and the local government has helped me on some occasions by buying bulk books by me for libraries. On the whole my publishing experience is neither too lucrative nor quite depressing. Hence, my offer of books is on merit of them as some or more publishers may find. I do not wish to, at least in any big scale, to spend on their production. But I may agree on many other points of a good publisher who I always seek. © Aju Mukhopadhyay, 2010