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An Angel's Silence: Watching Over You



Night fell over us. Looks like Asiel’s getting a little more creative with his tactics; I could hear a lot of hellish voices outside, shrieking and wailing. At least I’m used to it. Cyne kept quiet the whole time. She hasn’t muttered a word. I can’t blame her. Any human who’d be in her situation could lose his or her mind.

Her eyes looked sore from her battle with sleep. She must be one of those weak girls who are useless in combat-with a slender built almost 3 inches below me, short fingers and a face that could fit into my hand, she’s definitely the type who will burst in tears when she’s face to face with danger, like now. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she’s too scared to close her eyes, thinking that something hideous might appear in front of her.

Well, I could jump in front of her…that will send her blood pumping.

I shook my head. Dumb idea.

“You should get some sleep.” I told her.

She looked at me with widely-opened eyes, as if I roared the sentence out; a proof that she’s letting the fear take over her. What am I supposed to do now? If this goes on, it’s goodbye for her. After that, this freak show that Asiel’s putting on will take over the real world bit by bit. That is, if he knows that such a thing could happen.

“Here’s the deal, if you’ll go to sleep, I promise I won’t leave you alone in here…but if you don’t…” I rose and brushed my jeans “…I’ll leave you alone in here.”

Her head bowed down, ready to let tears drop to the floor.

Wrong move, Zael.

“Forget I said that, just get some sleep. I won’t go away. I promise.”

She looked up at me, a small sparkle of relief in her eyes, “If you leave me, I’ll hunt you down. ”her words came out a little shaky.


She sighed and leaned on the chair slowly. Her silky, dark hair fell from her shoulders and hung from the chair’s wooden head rest, capturing the moonlight from the skylight roof. I watched the way she closed her sapphire eyes, blinking them for a couple of times then shutting them.

An inferior creature such as her never sparked my curiosity; yet, here I am, hovering above her face like a butterfly wanting to touch a flower’s soft petals.

All of a sudden, black flames shot out from her body, engulfing her until I could no longer see her face. I thought she could be safe here.

“Cyne!-“, I reached for her shoulders and tried to wake her up. Even though the flames are burning my skin to ashes, I kept my hands on her, attempting to wake her… “-we can’t be cremated alive! “

This is too much for an illusion… I shouldn’t feel a thing even if I get sliced to pieces-maybe it’s because of the mortal form I took.


A man's deep voice boomed like thunder. Wounded hands came from every direction towards me. Running away isn’t an option because I can’t move a thing! I feel like a thinking head without a body and since my reflexes are non-evident, I‘d rather be head! At least it’s working.

I closed my eyes and waited for the hands to rip me to pieces or drag me to an underground lair full of monsters…instead, something grabbed my arm from behind, but I’m too scared to see what it is. I tried to scream, but no sound escaped. Panic swept over me. Whatever analyzing skills I have left in me had probably fled together with my courage, common sense, and voice.

Finally, after the long struggle between me and my body, it gave in. I shook my hand free from whatever was grabbing me and ended up running around an abysmal space with nowhere to go.

There’s a rotten stench roaming the realm I’m in, like the one I smelled back in our kitchen. The wild pounding of my heart echoed. It went on faster and faster when suddenly, it stopped.


I spotted a font, drew some Holy water from it and rubbed it on her temples. The flames disappeared and her pulse went back to its regular pace. Burnt layers of skin peeled off my hand, leaving patches of reddish muscle exposed in several areas. I examined it for a little while, poking the peeled skin and flesh around it. In a few seconds, my skin started forming, covering the patches but leaving huge scars.

She still felt hot. The wind’s a lot cooler above ground. I took a second look at her to make sure she’s asleep unless I want her to jump off in mid-air when she sees me with a pair of wings.

Moments later, with her curled up in my arms, I floated my way through the clouds.


A Cherubim may have made that sound. I glanced down to find out who it was, not surprised when I saw Asiel furiously eyeing us.

“What are you doing here?” I called out

“It’s just one girl, Azrael. If you give her to me…” He stretched out his enormous hand, steaming in heat.

“What?” Did I just hear him saying that he wants Cyne?

“Cyne… I’ll take her. I’ll stop coming here.” Okay…so I’ve heard.

“Why should I?”

“I want her.”

“She wouldn’t want anyone with that face. If you keep on doing this, I will not hesitate to destroy you again and again. I will stay with her until you stop.”

“Talk, talk, talk! That’s all you ever do!”

If there’s one thing, just one thing I could get rid of, that would be those demons. A thousand years in that underground inferno should have their whole population part of the decomposition process, classified as ‘fertilizer’, but no. The heat down below helped in developing their resistance to it…and may have melted their brains as well.

“Back off, Asiel.”

“I will not!!” with that said, he vanished in thin air. He’s always so desperate.

So this is what it’s all about. Asiel has a crush. I struggled not to laugh out loud. I might wake Cyne. If I stay around her long enough, I’d learn a lot

Our kind can feel anger, sadness and joy-that’s as far as it goes; Asiel and his kind can’t feel anything but negativity. He can’t love a human… lust, but never affection. These humans are put under our care and we do everything to keep them from harm; yet, some give in to temptation.

Before the sun rose, we went back to the altar. Cyne’s temperature is within normal range so I took the time to hide her inside the confession box and went out to check for anything suspicious.

A cloud of dust greeted me when I opened the doors. Ages ago, the earth was clean. There are no black clouds, nor acid rain. No wonder some of the humans die early.

A few weeds found holes to squeeze themselves through; a rock path led to a shrine on the right side of the church. After a few rounds and finding no sign of anyone, I went back inside to see if Cyne’s awake.

When I peeked inside the box, she wasn’t there.

“Cyne?” where’d she go? She can’t venture out there, not while the sun hasn’t risen yet.

A shadow jumped out the window. Asiel.

I scooped up a handful of holy water and splashed it on his back. Asiel should know better than fool around when he knows I’m here.

He dropped Cyne on the ground, letting out a painful growl then curled up into a ball-a big one. I grabbed her before her contact with the hard pavement and ran inside, leaving him to cry on his new wounds.

The moment she opened her eyes, she looked up at me.

“You’re awake.”

“What are you doing?”

For a moment, I wondered what she was talking about until I realized that I’m still carrying her. Startled as I was, I nearly squashed her bum on the floor when I let go.


Thank your lucky stars that I need you to get me out of here, Zael.

After minutes of walking, we reached the bakery and other stores. I still feel a little light-headed and my neck’s sore from the chair I’ve been sleeping on; Zael’s unnecessary surprise had its own contribution to the pain as well.

The street was filled with clutter-cars that crashed against each other, clothes ripped to shreds and other debris. Even if we try to get inside a car, we won’t be able to drive out of here since there’s no space.

Our footsteps sounded so loud in the silence.

“Where’s your house?” I asked Zael.

“I’m not from here, actually.”

“From where, then?”

“Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t know.”

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes. There is absolutely no sense in starting a conversation with this retard. “Do you have a part in this mass murder?”

He stopped walking then, shot a startling glare at me that I almost fell a few steps back.


That’s it? No further explanation?

How do I know if he is the bad guy? Looks can’t reveal.

He might be the good guy…but…how did he survive?

There has to be a reason why he’s still alive and unharmed when no one else is-now, I know.

He’s the bad guy.

“What’s that?” I pointed to a pile of junk, making sure that the suspicion and surprise was evident in my tone.

“What’s what?” He asked. Is there a blocked passage to his brain or something?!

“I saw something move in that pile of trash!” I insisted. This guy really needs a beating.

At first, his eyebrows met at the middle. It wasn’t long before he gave up after a long stare battle.

That’s right, keep walking, I thought, waiting until he crossed the barricade of cars to reach the part I where ‘I saw something’. The clutz even got his foot stuck in garbage cans.

Driven by the fear for my own worth, I took off at full speed when he turned his back on me. If he isn’t the bad guy, at least he could take care of himself.

“Cyne! Come back here!”

So you could kill me? I don’t think so. You can take me away when I’m done fulfilling my lifelong desires.

There was a good distance between us that I stopped and stuck my tongue out to him before calling him a dumb ass.

I continued to run, still facing Zael.


If I wasn’t, I should’ve had enough time to avoid whoever it was that blocked my path, sending my back flat on the hard cement when I bumped into his chest.

“HOLY S-WOAH!!” He snatched my arms and lifted me to meet his curious gaze, as if I was a fish dangling from a hook.

A fish I was, trying to squirm my way out of his grasp, kicking his chest and leg-everything I could reach.

“Damn it, Zael! You set me up!” I yelled without wondering if it reached him. I looked up at the other guy who had a sly smile across his face.

“What are you looking at, weirdo?!” I snapped at him, almost ignoring the fact that he’s using one hand to gather my arms and protect himself from making me slap the living daylights out of him.

“Asiel, get her down, now!“ Zael called out.

“You heard him! Get me down before I make you!” my reflexes got an instant power boost from being pissed, instantly sending the guy’s head to the side with a single kick. I raised an eyebrow, wondering why his neck isn’t broken yet. A few more kicks might help-

He rubbed his head and pulled me closer to get a good view of his face. “Cyne, don’t tell me you forgot our little agreement?”

“I just warned you!” I kicked my legs wildly so it would hit him again on the face.

“Here’s your bridge…” First, a strong rumbling sound was heard below the ground. I wanted to continue raving at him but like the shocked weasel I was, nothing came out. This…can’t…be…happening… Did I just say I was shocked? Let me share something- there is no way, absolutely no way that a character from a dream would ever appear in front of me, flesh and blood.

With a gesture of his hand, blood shot out from the ground, to the sky. Blood! Red, thick, gooey oxygen-carrying liquid that keeps people alive that I don’t know where he squirted from, yet pondering if it had something to do with the mass murder running around the whole town!

My mouth dropped all the way down to the ground in surprise…no, let me correct that-shock!! Where the hell did all of this crap come from?!

He killed everyone to squeeze the blood out of them and turn it into a towering “bridge” as he calls it?

I was on the verge of hyperventilating and can’t tell if I’m upset or scared. The stiffness in my muscles nearly turned me into stone. Without any hesitation, my cold, sweaty hand slipped from his vein-crushing grip, then, whack!! Landed straight into dream guy’s face, leaving a perfectly red hand painted on his flawless skin.

“I’ll kill you, you asshole of a jerk!”

“Damn it!” Zael exclaimed. Oh great! I almost forgot he’s there.

“I did not set you up!”

“Shut up! I’ll get you back for this-” I paused when snakes appeared from the ground and twirled around his neck and arms, choking the very life out of him. I guess he was telling the truth…and if the snakes were not freaking me out, blood started spraying out of his skin from slashes made by an invisible force. Oh God…maybe this jerk was telling the truth the whole time and I’m letting him die from overgrown worms and whip-whaps!

“Stop it…” I can’t believe my supposed-to-be loud and ear-piercing scream came out as a whisper-that’s when I realized that I’m running out of air. My veins darkened from the lack of oxygen. I can’t believe this. He was in my dream the last time, and now he’s trying to kill me and Zael with vipers and spells. If I gathered all of that blood and sold it to hospitals, I’d be a future billionaire.

Focus, Cyne. Focus.

My eyesight started to blurr. I could still hear Zael’s cries. Why is this guy doing this?

“Come with me, and all of this will stop. I’ll even bring everybody back.”

Bring everybody back? Is he for real? There’s no way I could talk now; I have to keep on breathing. If I stopped, I’ll collapse. Who knows what will happen after that? I’m not going to wake up later on, looking at my body being diced to pieces by this retard!

I guess I have no choice. It’s me, or them. If Zael survived, he could hunt him down. He must hunt him down and kill him ‘coz I’m a bout to save his freaking life.

Drawing a deep breath, I nodded hesitantly. If he killed me…I’ll come back for him. I’ll swap souls with a dragon and incinerate him.

“Cyne, don’t!-” Zael managed to yell out. I could tell he was preserving his strength for future use. They seem to know each other.

The guy let me go and slumped me over his shoulder. I’m a deer now?

I ignored that thought and breathed as heavily as I could. A few minutes from his grip had my color drain out. He glanced at Zael and in the blink of an eye, the snakes vanished. Zael collapsed to the ground, bleeding a lot. People could die from prolonged or excessive bleeding. My conscience suddenly dug its way through my thick head, insisting that Zael tried to protect me in the first place; if he was a bad person, he would’ve ran away and left me alone.

“I get it, I get it.” I muttered to myself. Guess I’m off with dream guy. I could bite a chunk of his back, but I can’t run off with his hands around my foot, nor fight him with my broken wrists…WHAT?!

My wrists-they were swaying limply with every step he took, each sharing me a blunting pain from the muscle rubbing itself on the sharp edge of my shattered bones. The pain was unbearable. I looked at Zael, who was trying to crawl his way to us. He’s so hopeless.

“You better make my sacrifice worthwhile if you don’t want to turn to ash at some point in your life.” I whispered, pretending he could hear it. Damn it Zael, don’t make me come back to teach your sorry ass a lesson… save me when you can. I’ll keep myself alive until I see you taking me away from him.

I know I’m scared, but no one will ever find out, right?

If Zael doesn’t show up, he’d better have a cremation jar ready.


At the blink of an eye, both of them were gone. I wasn’t even able to protect her. If I could only-


A car almost hit me in the middle of the road. Everything roamed with life. People walked around, minding their own business…city noises filled the air.

The illusion-why am I out of it? The wounds I got from his attack were no longer there while the burnt marks were still on my skin. Why?

I ran to Cyne’s house and peeked through the window…she’s alive, but still trapped in Asiel’s illusion.