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Submit NOW to Opium39's Heaven Issue!

Opium is in a wild, last-minute hunt for your most brilliant stories for our Heaven issue. If you have written a story about these topics, we want you to submit them IMMEDIATELY (or, say, by Wednesday, July 13th): 

Mothers, death, sadness, dying, living, heaven, hope, happiness, loss of hope, resurrection, hell, ghosts, love, disgust, the profound inability to cope, or things around these categories.

Thing is, we want them to pop. We want electricity to fly out of your sentences. We want stories that will make us laugh (like, say, Etgar Keret's), cry (like, say, Bright Lights, Big City) and dream (like, say, the TV show Men of a Certain Age, specifically the softball episode), and make us yodel (we don't usually yodel). We want the story you sent to The New Yorker because it's your absolute best story and, y'know, it's worth a shot. Send it to us, and quick. We're painfully slow in responding to submissions these last years, we know that, we're aware! It sucks for us, too. But for this issue, it's important for us to have the absolute best (well, that's the way it is for every issue, but we've been out of the game for some time, now, and we're going to punch a hole in the universe when we get back in it, when Opium39 releases in the late-ish fall). Okay, we're fired up, and we hope you are, too.

Oh, and to make things easier: the link to submit to Opium Magazine is right here


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