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A Knock at the Door

I have played a part in the production of the RTE documentary A Knock at the Door, to be broadcast on RTE One on Feb. 16 at 6.00 pm. The story is an incredibly moving one and helps demonstrate the horror of terrorism and its long-lasting effect. One not to be missed.


There is a link to my book included in the show.


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The link didn't work for me,

The link didn't work for me, Adrian. Nevertheless, I will keep an eye out for the programme. Thanks for the advance notice. m

p.s. have you heard about the man who had been missing for 7 or 8 months and he was picked up off the side of the road last week. Has no idea where he was held but knows it was somewhere in Ireland. Some speculate a ransom was paid....

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A Knock at the Door

Yes, Mary, I have been following the story about the kidnapped real estate developer. His abductors carved the word thief onto his forehead. The most interesting aspect is the lack of media attention his disappearance that  attracted, though he was allowed contact with his family from time to time. Which suggests money has been paid, perhaps on a regular basis.

Sorry the link did not work. The Irish Independent has changed its web site and I'm assuming the transition has affected the links to the old site. Rotten timing.