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Watch Out Harry Potter, Here Comes Little Jane Silver! (And New Author Adira Rotstein) By Linda | August 24, 2011

With the release of the last Harry Potter movie, everyone is wondering, what will be the next great character to capture the minds and the hearts of (most) young readers (and maybe a few of us not-yet-grown-up older ones.)  Well, I think I have found her.  Let me tell you about Little Jane Silver. 

Yup, you guessed it. She is related to Long John Silver of Robert Louis Stevenson’s imagination.  But Little Jane is Long John’s granddaughter and is from the creative mind of Adira Rotstein, Canadian author, film writer, and artist. (A sample of her Little Jane art is below; more can be found on her website.)

Growing up on the Pieces of Eight, a pirate ship co-captained by her father, Long John Jr. and his wife Mary Bright (also of infamous pirate blood), Little Jane Silver longs to be part of the grand adventures her parents tell about.  From swordsmanship lessons to pirate ship politics, Little Jane gets into and out of mischief as only a spirited twelve year old pirate girl can. 

Author Rotstein has done extensive research on pirate life and has a great ear for the pirate dialect.  I was absorbed into pirate time and space only a few chapters into the book.  I raced to the end through the growing pains and challenges of a tween.  Exciting it was but like any well constructed adventure series I have to wait for the sequel to get my next Little Jane fix.  Write, Adira, write!

I grew up on Nancy Drew.  She was a great female role model–smart, adventurous, and independent.  But by the time we met her, she was nearly grown–driving cars and having a boy friend.  As evidenced by the Harry Potter industry, good fiction will be read and watched.  Little Jane is really good fiction.  If the book industry is at all like film and TV industry, strong female heroines are likely lacking.  The Geena Davis Institute has studied this gender imbalance and lack of strong role models, so we know it exists. If you know of any studies about book lead character gender preferences, please share.

Let’s give our support and open our hearts to this great new character, Little Jane Silver.  A great gift for the tweenage reader (and even for most adults in their adolescent hearts), this book is available on Amazon .

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