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Musings for a Crappy Winter's day

Random Musings for a Crappy Weather Day

Why doesn't the Swedish chef from the Muppets have eyes? He only has eyebrows.

Also why doesn't Dr. Bunsen Burner have eyes? He has glasses but no eyes. It would be kind of creepy but his head looks like a big honey dew melon so it somehow makes it okay, don't ask me why.

Why is John Wayne called the Duke?

Why don't houses in England have basements?

Did Victorian women have to take off their skirts and pantaloons to go pee?

Why doesn't George Lucas have a proper looking neck? Seriously, it scares me. It's like his neck width size is the same as his head width size. Has anyone ever pointed it out to him before? I have seen pictures of him when he was young and he didn't have this problem so I don't think its a congenital deformity. Is it because of illness? I know he has diabetes, but I haven't heard of this as a side effect? Is it hard for him to turn his head like that? Can he breathe properly? I find it worrisome.

Why do Disney movies come out months later in the UK than in North America if they don't even have to translate them?

Why is the UK called the UK if it is actually a Queendom now instead of a kingdom? Also, when and why did they start calling it the United Kingdom instead of Britain or England? It seems in historical books it is always called Britain or England.

Why would the British send their colonists to freezing cold Canada and their criminals to beautiful balmy Australia? Surely it should have been reversed.

Why to Britsh people use "grit" (dirt) to make roads less slippery instead of salt which actually melts the ice?

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finnish and muppets

I had some Finnish friends once and they sounded almost like the Swedish chef when he talked. It caused endless hours of amusement for me when they talked in Finnish.

Didn't think about the Swedish Chef and Dr. Bunsen Burner not having any eyes...I think my parents were so happy I never pointed that out to them.

These musings about the Muppets made me realize that there are now two whole generations that have never seen the Muppets. They don't know who Gonzo is or what when to properly use "waka waka". Nor do the know the words to the Manamana song (although that may have been Seasame Street) and I think it explains why so much in the world is going so terribly wrong
(mana mana--do do do--mana mana do do do do...good now that song is stuck in someone elses head and I am not alone in humming it for the next 48 hours)