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Breaking Bad- Season 5- Some thoughts


Yes, to everything you said. I have been thinking the same thing myself. I do really miss the comedy element. I miss Walt's character being more ambiguous and grey. I've totally lost all sympathy and identification with him now. They've sort of settled on one direction for him and I think it makes it less interesting because now we know which way his character is going to turn out (re being a horrible person) and there is less suspense about what decision Walter will make in a given scene or what he'll do to try to avoid getting his hands dirty with murder. What I liked was that Walter always tried to think his way out of any situation. If he just uses violence (like with Mike) he becomes like every character on TV. I think that's why his killing of Mike was so jarring and disturbing, It was the first time Walt killed out of anger and ego in such a blunt and uncalculating way.


I think now the character suspense arises from what will become of Jesse. As a viewer I have come to love Jesse more with each episode. He has a good heart at the core. He looks up to Walt like a father and trusts him and Walt just abuses his trust and manipulates him. I did find the scene where he tries to convince Jesse "not to waste his potential" like the old teacher he used to be pretty bizarre and hilarious. I think a major element of suspense for me has been wondering when is Jesse going to figure out what happened to Jane and Brock and Mike. What's going to happen when the sh@t hits the fan? Nothing good for Walter that's for sure. I think when JEsse finds out he may turn and give Walt up to Hank.


I would like to see Jesse and Walter JR. together at the supper table. They are closer in age and it might be funny and dramatic at the same time to see Walter's adopted son and real son together. What if Walt Jr. is doing meth? How would Walter feel about his own son sampling his product?


I miss his love for Skyler despite her shrill bitchiness and his relationship with Walter Jr. (loved the scene with him teaching him to drive). Even the scene with him and kids watching Scarface (despite being ominous) still injected something back into the show.


I am curious about how the it will all end. I think with some kind of Skyler, Jesse and Hank trifecta taking down Walter, but I miss Walter the way he was at the beginning, a conflicted soul, but still someone I could somehow sympathize with and understand.