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A bit about me... (SPOILERS! This is all true...well, sort of...)

dira Rotstein has studied literature, writing, and film at the University of Toronto and the University of Southern California. She is a student of Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Boot Camp and an ambassador for the Comics Embassy. Her creative output includes novels for a variety of ages, screenplays, short films, comic books, and illustrations. Her young adult novels Little Jane Silver and Little Jane and the Nameless Isle are published by Dundurn Books. She is currently working on a graphic novel called The Exposed, but earns her bread mainly as a special needs assistant, although she trained as an elementary school teacher.

Adira was born in Toronto, Canada. At age two she realized that the United States was in the throes of an acute Adira deficiency , and so traveled to Charleston, South Carolina and Buffalo, New York on a seven year voyage to insure that the U.S.A. was now fully supplied with Adira-ness. But, by then Toronto’s junkie-like dependence on the essence d’Adira stood fully revealed, forcing her to return to her place of birth to fortify the now crumbling city. This mission suitably accomplished she extricated herself from the city’s fevered embrace and fled to the West Coast of California to provide a parched Los Angeles with further nourishing Adira sustenance. With this goal achieved, she came back to Toronto for a year, left for Ottawa, knocked about England for a while earning actual money (!) and finally ended up back in Toronto, after a routine check of her UK visa revealed her to be an enemy native of the rebelious off-world British penal colonial Sh’zerag. Currently, Adira lives in a spaceship of her own devising with her awesome Earthling companion Steve and his numerous samples of aquatic wildlife and a sentient lava lamp. The Sh’zeragian spaceship is cunningly disguised as an apartment in Forest Hill, but let’s just keep that to ourselves, okay?