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I can, therefore I am”- Simon Weil

What do writers write about? What does it take to become one? Is it any different from becoming a blogger? Do they also make up stuff like fiction novelists? or write something funny like comedians cracking not-so-funny jokes? When we say "writer", it could mean something else. It is entirely different from people who writes plainly. Becoming a writer: Man, you have to have the formality.

Everybody can write, right? We were born and taught as early as we can imagine how to write.; scribble for some. There is an ultimate border that separates people who write and writers. That is what you call "writing with content". Sarcastically, people who just loves to jot down ideas straight from the mind would say "That's just my style of writing", while writers would say "that's the way it should be written". So you see, the only difference is the content. It could also be the way it was written but never the talent.

To become a writer is a nice thing. It's as if you're one of the erudite and smart people. One of the best. However, to plainly write is an expression of your true self. Its your call. If you really want to become a writer, ask yourself two questions, "Do I write with sense and content?"or "Do I write like a puzzle that never seem to be completely formed?" Give yourself an answer and you be the judge.