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Heller-Burnham: The Lost Twins: Fieled: Apparition Poems
#1582   To send bodies up into ether (what does this no one knows) all flesh become hands that can clasp (ecstasy of joining things),   to be joined to a part that you suspected evil of, but is really only love, is to give thanks for raised curtains which (sadly) are   doused in your own blood, & as I join this exultant spirit, doused in white...
The Posit Trilogy-Fieled
      Manayunk Sky   Facades on Main Street have a lift towards it, but the Manayunk sky isn’t there, a mirage, a conglomeration   of spent wishes for a better human future which can never be lived in the blackened glare of well-trodden pavement. Its   expanse argues loudly for the subaltern and its accessibility, a...
#261 Never one to cut corners about cutting corners, you spun the Subaru into a rough U-turn right in the middle of Old York Road at midnight, scaring the shit out of this self- declared “artist.” The issue, as ever, was nothing particular to celebrate. We could only connect nothing with nothing in our private suburban waste land. Here’s where the fun starts— I...
Fieled-A Poet in Center City
         What “A Poet in Center City” focuses on most intensely is the complex interrelationship between the four founding fathers of the Philly Free School— myself, Mike Land (John Rind), Nick Gruberg (Ricky Flint), and Jeremy Eric Tenenbaum (Christopher Severin). It was easily the most explosive group context I’ve ever...
fieled-a poet in center city
The debauchery edge of the Free School had some darkness and some light in it. What was always tinted more darkly for us was sexual tension and competition. We worked fiercely together, but there was ferocity between us too. As far as raw sex and how the square worked, it reduced to two basic circuits: John-Christopher and Ricky-Adam. John and Christopher were...
Christopher Severin was in. I’d enlisted him. What I felt we needed was a square— four guys. Ricky Flint, who worked with John and I at B & N, was a half-obvious choice. He was a science guy (grad of U of Chicago) who was also into literature; good-looking, in the manner of the three of us (dark hair and eyes; like me, bearded); a wild drinker and libertine;...
from the Poetry International festival blog '08
This is a series of posts composed by Adam Fieled as blogger-in-residence at the Poetry International festival in London in 2008. The festival was held at the Southbank Centre, which is also the home of London’s Poetry Library.   I. First, a few words of introduction. My name is Adam Fieled, and I’m a poet based in Philadelphia. I got my undergrad degree at...
If Internet Theory is to be developed, it may be profitable to establish and define some terms that will act as semantic nodes for the theory. I have discussed "velocity," as it applies to the Net and to digital consciousness. More specifically, Reception Velocity is a concept that adds gravitas to a theory that would particularize and attempt a critique of Net...
Apparently, forces have been set in motion whose goal it is to turn the Internet into another bourgeois institution. It must first be said that a valid argument can be made that the Internet is already a bourgeois institution, for the simple reason that computers are a bourgeois commodity to begin with. Nevertheless, through public libraries, school labs, and...
Comparing the ideologies built into Internet Theory to the ideologies that established and supported the Enlightenment (and led to the French Revolution) begs an important question: how does this project, and the implicit ethos and praxis of the Net, relate to history? What is the potentiality for historicity, where the Net is concerned? There is no doubt that...