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Oakland, California
A serial monogamist, I've been married more times than I care to admit, to some remarkable women. Standouts: For 14 years (1986-2002) I was partnered with and then married to Karen Balke, a classical violinist and mother of my one son Raphael. Raphael is about to graduate from my alma mater UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Art and Education. He is a passionate and gifted graphic artist and printmaker, as well as a funk/jazz drummer and rapper. Since 2008 I have been married to my long-time partner Dianna Garrett, who is Director of Marketing and Planning for Center for Elders Independence, a nonprofit program dedicated to helping frail seniors stay in their homes by providing comprehensive care and support.
Sep 2010

I was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, the child of two painters, and came to the United States as a student in 1969. Since then I've lived almost entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area (31 years in Oakland), where I've worked as a commercial painter, youth counselor, nonprofit director, teacher, professor, and freelance editor and writer. I was an early collaborator on the underground office and information workers’ magazine Processed World, for which I edited, wrote, and drew cartoons and illustrations. I've  also performed political standup comedy, spoken word, and street theater. From 1987 until the closure of that institution in 2008, I led the Poetics Program at New College of California in San Francisco and also taught in its undergraduate Humanities program. My poetry has appeared in numerous magazines in print and on the web, and I've published three full-length poetry collections, with two more looking for publishers. I have collaborated extensively with the composer Daniel Steven Crafts on lyrics and libretti. My major influences and scholarly preoccupations include science (physics, biology, computation theory), science fiction, surrealism, and the work of William Blake, about which I am completing a monograph, "Every Thing That Lives: Blake, Science, and the Poetic Imagination." I'm currently in the second draft of a science fiction novel, The Last of the Nephilot, which involves time travel, the quantum multiverse and quantum cosmology, global climate change, and the nanotechnology of life extension, among other topics. I am a committed social and environmental activist.

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I have many interests and pleasures but no real hobbies, unless you count cooking (French, Chinese, Thai, and recently Moroccan) and hiking with our dogs in the parks and wilderness areas of the East Bay. My other interests, reading being the most compulsive, converge on my work as a writer and activist. I am starting to learn about gardening and composting, now that I have somewhere to do them.