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You Know You’re A Writer When
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Adair gives an overview of the book:

a collection of wry quotations on what it means to be a writer
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a collection of wry quotations on what it means to be a writer

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You know You're a Writer When

 Write a villanelle about pores in high school  

 You have a day job 

You decide to move to Europe or get a different job just to have something new to write about  

 Your mom says, “Now I’m ironing the placket” and you’re standing beside her thinking, Placket. Good word. 

You're talking to someone and you put the punctuation in their speech as they talk. 

  You're driving along on a stormy night and the trees are all windy and you think, "She swerved to avoid the deer, but its hooves shattered the windshield into a cobweb of cracks, then the car tumbled down the cliff; even though it rolled several times, she was alive when the car rested at the bottom of the canyon." 

You hate writing. if there were any other goddam thing in the world you could think of to do, you would do it. You have separate journals for different moods.  

You'll never forgive your parents for your happy childhood.

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I started my career in local magazines-first San Francisco Focus, the city magazine, and then SF, a design mag at which I passed myself off as someone passionately interested in interior design. (This amused my family no end. They remembered my sitting on the new living room...

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