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The best thing i ever discovered
The dawn is close, hang on.

It didn't take long to jump to my mind, the best thing i ever discovered and it was unexpected at all, how much Egyptians are amazing, how one day-25 Jan- they can seem very negative people, very pessimistic, and all of sudden in 25 Jan they can impress the world, be an inspiration of the Arab world, it been 15 days since the revolution but the people young and adults showed great courage and persistence.

 Though the demands started with: " bread, freedom, Social justice", but it evolved quickly to:" The want the regime down", "The people want the president to leave", and though the thugs of gangs which is the ruling party and the police killed so many, the no. of people didn't decrease, in fact it increasing esp. in the millioned protests in several days .

 Fear is over, the image of unbreakable president and his regime is destroyed for ever, we wont be back to humiliation again, and we really willing to die till the dawn of freedom, we won't let people steel our dream, no matter the price is.