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My fav. cause

I was sent an email from red room tells me to blog about my fav. cause it didn't need a lot of thinking, actually it didn't need thinking at allMy fav. cause that jumped to my head instantly is " the Palestinian cause"Or as western world call it "the middle-east conflict"the conflict we been raised on or to be precise feed like milk since we were fetus.the conflict-as u sure know- still going on for the last 60 years and u may not know that started 100 years agoand it was planned before that maybe 1000 years ago.where should i start ?  maybe the real connection to me with the cause was 3 years ago, i was just graduated from college, one afternoon i was surfing through some blogs and i found one blog post with picture of a girl, a beautiful girl that look very young maybe 16 or something, i don't know why i started reading the post because when i see some beautiful girl picture any where on the net i think its another model and fashion isn't really my thing, but i started reading any way and i discovered something i never thought i could be true, this incredibly young,beautiful girl is Omer  Goldman the daughter of Naftali Granot, former deputy to Mossad’s chief Meir Dagan, and she is in jail for refusing to serve in the Israeli army because its an occupation army and she doesn't want to be part of the atrocities that the army does every day to Palestinian people, i was really impressed & touched by this brave girl courage, i looked for more info about her and what she's doing and found out about shministm, i singed the letter for them and discovered another group that defend what Israel doing to my people,and ever since i begun blogging, tweeting and surfing the net for more infos about anti-semitic, anti-Zionism.i started to do something,as much as i can,not just feel sorry and think i can't do anything, i discovered a lot of organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace,Al-awdaISM,i discovered a lot of brave people that are willing to sacrifice everything to make Palestinian distress come to an end,like Marwan Elbarghothy & Gilad Atzmon ,Anna Baltzer. some day i well go to Jerusalem,Gaza or west bank,i will try to defend those brave courageous people defending their land.

If  you reading my post please go to one of the above  organization, or go read ADL report to discover other brave organizations that support the cause, do as much as you can donate,advocate,blog-it, tweet or distribute the word as much as u can.

if you want to know more go to IOASerendipity , western media esp. american are so very biased so you have to depend on internet Or Al-jazeera and the BBC is often reliable.